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Crater Lake

Sometimes you hear the last child in a large family complaining that there is no picture of them alone without a brother or sister in it. I was actually pretty good about the photographic record, but I’ll admit we missed a few other marks with … Continue reading

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Happy to be here

It’s that time of year again… when lads and lassies don kilts, wristbands, and anoraks to stand in the rain and listen to rock and roll played on the bagpipes. It’s HebCelt 2016, and these are my people. There’s good beer, too. We got … Continue reading

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HebCelt 2015

Andreas and I had a blast at the HebCelt music festival in 2013 and knew it would be a highlight of our summer in Scotland this year as well. The bands were all new to us with no repeats from two years … Continue reading

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A Sunny Afternoon

Our east-to-west cross-Britain expedition complete, Alekka and I drove back from Penzance through Exeter to London. On Tuesday I returned the somewhat worse for wear rental car. Alekka and I moved into an Airbnb in Camden for a few days while we wait … Continue reading

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I am music-deprived in Ethiopia. I long for hot summer nights on the lawn at Jacksonville’s Britt Festival. Sure, I can hear regional ethnic Ethiopian music at Dimma restaurant any night of the week. And we have some teacher friends … Continue reading

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A new year and Old Ideas

I’ve celebrated at least two other birthdays in London (#19 and #43), wonderful in their own ways, but this one (#54, yikes) was magical. Alekka has been my daytime sightseeing companion this week while Andreas attends an American School of … Continue reading

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