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Black sheep

So, I haven’t really wanted to mention this. It’s unfortunate and a little embarrassing. But lately there have been some news articles drawing attention to the topic so I might as well face facts. You know that wonderful little island in Scotland that I … Continue reading

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HebCelt 2015

Andreas and I had a blast at the HebCelt music festival in 2013 and knew it would be a highlight of our summer in Scotland this year as well. The bands were all new to us with no repeats from two years … Continue reading

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Stornoway man

Where are you, Murdo? One of the things that keeps drawing me back to Lewis is the family connection. This is my third trip here. Each time I come armed with a little more information, but it’s never quite enough … Continue reading

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Cam ye o’er frae France?

Today Andreas and I had the very happy task of picking up our son Kosta at the Stornoway airport. Andreas hadn’t seen Kosta for more than two years; I saw him at Christmas, but that’s still too long ago in … Continue reading

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I am music-deprived in Ethiopia. I long for hot summer nights on the lawn at Jacksonville’s Britt Festival. Sure, I can hear regional ethnic Ethiopian music at Dimma restaurant any night of the week. And we have some teacher friends … Continue reading

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Donald where’s yer troosers?

Part of the reason we picked these particular dates to be on Lewis was so we could attend the Hebridean Celtic Festival. More about the festival tomorrow, but for now I’ll just say it’s a great place for kilt-spotting. Here … Continue reading

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Mathain va

Having proven myself unable to learn Arabic and Amharic, why would I think I could learn Gaelic?  Consistent failure doesn’t stop me from trying. About 60% of people in the western isles speak Scottish Gaelic. The highest proportion of Gaelic … Continue reading

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Heart of Brave

Woo hoo! Here we are in Lewis, land of my people! (the MacIver ones, anyway). We’ll be staying for a few days in Stornoway, the capital. This is also the land of the Disney film, Brave. I did not know … Continue reading

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