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Our town

I grew up in a suburban town in the San Francisco Bay area. Like Alhambra, where my husband Andreas was raised, Lafayette was (and still is) a quiet community with good schools, pleasant parks, and attractions both cultural and natural nearby.  I could … Continue reading

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Crater Lake

Sometimes you hear the last child in a large family complaining that there is no picture of them alone without a brother or sister in it. I was actually pretty good about the photographic record, but I’ll admit we missed a few other marks with … Continue reading

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Home sweet home

When I was planning this trip to Medford it had already been a long time since my last visit. I had pretty much come to the conclusion that because I didn’t miss it, I wouldn’t feel at home here anymore. It … Continue reading

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Portland. Say what you will, it is indubitably the locus of quirky hipster cool in America. Which is why, say what he will, our actor/barista son Nik is so happy here. We arrived late. In the morning we rented a car … Continue reading

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I haven’t been home in a while. Four years, in fact. A summer at our house is a lot of work. My daughter Alice does a great job with maintenance, but certain activities like remodeling bathrooms and sorting out 30 years’ worth of clutter can … Continue reading

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