A Sunny Afternoon

Our east-to-west cross-Britain expedition complete, Alekka and I drove back from Penzance through Exeter to London. On Tuesday I returned the somewhat worse for wear rental car.


I thought I had deleted this photo, but I found it. Ouch.

Alekka and I moved into an Airbnb in Camden for a few days while we wait for her boyfriend Mich to finish up work. He’ll be free after Friday night, so Saturday morning we will pick up another car for a road trip to the HebCelt festival on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland.  I will try extra hard not to hit anything this time. Andreas flew from LA to Glasgow today; he’ll meet us Monday at our cottage in Callanish.

Alekka and I spent this evening out in the West End.  First we went for a quite yummy pre-show pizza. I will be making this at home for sure.

Prosciutto and fig with arugula and shaved parmesan

Prosciutto and fig with arugula and shaved parmesan

The main event tonight was a musical called A Sunny Afternoon, based on the story of the British rock band The Kinks and featuring their music. The show won the Olivier award (like a Tony, only British) for best new musical this year. Here’s the cast performing at the Olivier awards:

I don’t know if Alekka even knew who the Kinks were before this, although she did recognize a few of their songs – it would be almost impossible not to after living with me for 18 years. But I think they gained a new fan today.

The Harold Pinter theatre is only a couple of blocks from the Red Lion pub so of course we stopped in to buy a pint from our favorite bartender after the show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Two more sleeps and we’re off to Scotland. And we’re taking the bartender with us.



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