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Our town

I grew up in a suburban town in the San Francisco Bay area. Like Alhambra, where my husband Andreas was raised, Lafayette was (and still is) a quiet community with good schools, pleasant parks, and attractions both cultural and natural nearby.  I could … Continue reading

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Crater Lake

Sometimes you hear the last child in a large family complaining that there is no picture of them alone without a brother or sister in it. I was actually pretty good about the photographic record, but I’ll admit we missed a few other marks with … Continue reading

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Home sweet home

When I was planning this trip to Medford it had already been a long time since my last visit. I had pretty much come to the conclusion that because I didn’t miss it, I wouldn’t feel at home here anymore. It … Continue reading

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Portland. Say what you will, it is indubitably the locus of quirky hipster cool in America. Which is why, say what he will, our actor/barista son Nik is so happy here. We arrived late. In the morning we rented a car … Continue reading

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Back in the USA

Andreas had already been in LA for ten days when Alekka and I arrived from London. We were sorry to have missed the mnemosio service that he and his brothers held for their mother at St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox church last week. Happily, though, … Continue reading

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Planes, trains, and automobiles

Stornoway, Lewis, Scotland to Alhambra, California, USA in one go. Not the most exciting post, but taking pictures gave me something to do for 50 hours. Sunday, 7 am. Stornaway. 7:10 am. Nice taxi driver offers us a lift to … Continue reading

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I haven’t been home in a while. Four years, in fact. A summer at our house is a lot of work. My daughter Alice does a great job with maintenance, but certain activities like remodeling bathrooms and sorting out 30 years’ worth of clutter can … Continue reading

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I love L.A.

We lived in Los Angeles for five years when I was in graduate school, and I just couldn’t wait to get out of there as soon as I passed my doctoral exams. I’m having a hard time remembering now what … Continue reading

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