Back in the USA

Andreas had already been in LA for ten days when Alekka and I arrived from London. We were sorry to have missed the mnemosio service that he and his brothers held for their mother at St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox church last week. Happily, though, we were able to schedule time with most everybody we wanted to see during our three-day stopover.

Andreas’s family lives in Alhambra, a suburban town in the San Gabriel Valley eight miles from downtown LA.


It’s a classic southern California kind of place.

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We did classic southern California summer things like

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Of course the best part was visiting with family and friends. I regret that my camera battery gave out so I couldn’t capture the dinner hosted by my wonderful grad school friend Leslie Jones. Also no photos of Andreas’s lovely cousin Marianthe, who was feeling camera shy.

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Alekka doesn’t like air travel and will choose an alternative form of transportation if she can. When Andreas and I decided to save time by flying up to Portland, she opted for the train. We took her to LA’s Union Station to see her off.

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With Alekka on her way, Andreas and his twin brother James and I walked around the area near the station. It’s very close to both Chinatown and Olvera St., the old Mexican neighborhood where Los Angeles had its beginnings.

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At the end of the day James drove Andreas and me to the airport. There were more people we would have enjoyed seeing in the LA area but the time was too short. We’ll catch up with them next time around.


Next stop: Portland, Oregon.


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