Negash Lodge

We stayed at Negash Lodge in the town of Woliso (also known as Giyon).  It’s an old lodge that has been  beautifully renovated.  It has also been enlarged: you can stay either in a room in the original building, or in one of 13 traditional style houses on the spacious grounds.  Our family slept in a very comfortable two-story tukel.

The lodge is host to Ethiopia’s only indoor swimming pool; it also has billiard tables, two restaurants, and treehouse bar.

But the best part is the wildlife.  We were greeted by a troupe of vervet monkeys on the front lawn of our tukel.  The graceful black and white colobus monkeys were a little harder to find but a photogenic group showed up just as we were getting ready to leave.  I saw two little antelopes, dik-diks or klipspringers (I don’t know the difference yet) and some giant mole-rats, which are cuter than you’d think.  The mole-rats were too fast for me, so the picture in the slide show is from Wikipedia.

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3 Responses to Negash Lodge

  1. Alberto Enriquez says:

    OMG, what fun this looks like! And giant mole rats to boot. Your wiki-photo seems to have fur so they must be more modestly attired than the NAKED mole rats of South Africa! (Which some regard as the ugliest animal known to man, or a possible second to the warthog.;-)

    I am more than a little curious about what sort of texts you might use for beginning, intermediate and advanced ESL? Even if you don’t use texts, have you any thoughts on ESL texts?

    • Hi, Alberto! I’ve seen those naked mole rats in the zoo; they are pretty darn ugly. I guess this branch of the family got all the good looks. I’m not sure Andreas has been watching my blog; I’ll pass your question along.

      • Alberto Enriquez says:

        Yes, they hardly look related to your much cuter “Giant” mole rats. I think what happened with natural selection is that the Kalahari is much hotter and the ground they live in is almost like concrete and gets hot too, so they had to shed the hair to stay cool in their tunnels, and during the cooler times of year they keep warm by “dog piling”.

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