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Stick a fork in me

  I delivered the last loaves of the bread project to my customers two weeks ago. And today I delivered the last of the birr to Our Father’s Kitchen. So that makes me officially done. The project certainly was a much bigger … Continue reading

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Graduation Day

It was graduation day yesterday for my little Pookie. It’s trite, I know, but it seems like only yesterday she was reading Where’s Spot and illustrating Wolfy stories. Now she reads post-colonial Nigerian literature and writes up reports for USAID on agricultural development programs in rural … Continue reading

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Up, up, and away

A few weeks ago one of my colleagues sent out an email asking if any teachers were interested in going on a hot air balloon ride outside of Addis.  My days off have been filled with guests and trips recently … Continue reading

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Senior prom

Senior prom, ICS Addis Ababa style. High school prom plans are often complicated, but perhaps even more so when you are an international student.  Alekka’s British boyfriend graduated from ICS last year; this year he is enrolled at a university … Continue reading

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Road trip

Most travelers fly to Harar from Addis, but I happen to enjoy a good road trip. You see so much more that way. Here are some pictures I took out the window on the way back.

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The old walled city of Harar was founded sometime between the 7th and 11th centuries and quickly grew to be an important Arab trading post. It is sometimes called the fourth holy city of Islam, after Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem; … Continue reading

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Dire Dawa

My son Kosta came to visit us in Ethiopia last week. It was his spring break – he’s a graduate student at University of Wisconsin – but unfortunately not ours.  I think we managed to keep him entertained pretty well … Continue reading

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Omo region, part 2

The second round of pictures from our tour of the Omo region. Karo The Karo people are known for their elaborate body painting. As far as I could determine, the people in my photos are using traditional decoration patterns done with chalk and ochre; … Continue reading

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Omo region, part 1

We regrouped in Addis, unpacked and repacked our bags, and the next morning started out on the final segment of our holiday itinerary: a 7-day visit to the tribes in Ethiopia’s remote Lower Omo Valley region. For many people, a trip of this kind is ethically problematic. … Continue reading

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The 1.6 days of Christmas

Last December I posted a Christmas tree retrospective. The 2013 entry in that lineup was our lavender bush, which I neglected to put back out on the porch before departing for our Berlin/Barcelona winter holiday family extravaganza. The housekeeper watered … Continue reading

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