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Bangkok, at last (part two)

Toward the end of June, our moving plans started to get a lot more complicated. The direct flight I had booked on United was cancelled. The Cairo airport was closed until further notice.There were no future commercial flights scheduled from … Continue reading

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Kitchen decisions

Once I went on a weekend campout training session for Girl Scout leaders at Lake of the Woods. Camp Low Echo is wonderfully old-fashioned camp in a gorgeous lakeside setting. I met a woman there, another Girl Scout leader, who … Continue reading

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Things fall apart

I once read an article that explained why appliances always seem to give up the ghost when a new owner moves into a house.  This article said not to blame the seller for foisting off defective items; it’s the change … Continue reading

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I recognize this feeling. It’s been 25 years but it’s all coming back to me.  That scene where you’re planning a wedding (your own) and at some critical juncture the florist, the baker, the dress, the bridesmaids, the tuxedos, the … Continue reading


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Weighing in

We don’t travel light.  And we have a 1200 pound limit (500 each for Andreas and me, and 200 for Alekka, but of course we don’t have to divide it up exactly that way).  So we need to keep track … Continue reading

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When we started looking into shipping our stuff to Syria, the first few companies we called pretty much told us it couldn’t be done.  Like, you can’t get there from here. Axis of Evil and all that. Soon afterwards we … Continue reading

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