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I am a teacher from Medford, Oregon. I currently live and work in Cairo, Egypt.

Dinner train

We’re back Zambia again, where we’ve checked in again at the homey ZigZag lodge on the edge of Livingstone. Right across the street from the lodge compound we can see these beautifully restored passenger train cars. This is the Royal Livingstone Express … Continue reading

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Victoria Falls

On our last day in Zimbabwe Andreas and I took a walk through town to Victoria Falls National Park, a protected area that runs along the cliffs opposite Zambia. They have put in a wide paved sidewalk just in from the … Continue reading

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We’re in Zimbabwe now. A new day, a new adventure. My travel confidence had been shaky since the sudden onset of previously undetected cataractaphobia (I just made that up) a couple of days ago. What better way to recover my inner Livingstone than a morning mini-safari followed … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Pool

Hoo boy. This was a thing. A very scary thing. The scariest thing ever, as far as I am concerned. I don’t frighten very easily. Or at least, I sometimes find that the things that scare other people don’t scare me … Continue reading

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Z tour with Mr. and Mrs. P

This evening we embarked on a long-awaited winter holiday with our friends Kim & Andre P.  We’ve got all kinds of great stuff planned for the next three weeks. Truthfully, most of it was planned by Kim. In our family, I am the … Continue reading

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Should I stay or should I go?

The recruiting train for international teachers is proceeding full steam ahead. At this time of year, educators looking for new horizons are researching schools, sending out resumes, and interviewing via Skype.  Administrators are seeking out the best candidates to fill the vacancies the … Continue reading

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Whale watching

Whales? In the desert? Many millions of years ago, when this part of the world was partly underwater, some land animals were making the transition to becoming sea mammals. Early whales died and sank to the bottom of the ocean, … Continue reading

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Black sheep

So, I haven’t really wanted to mention this. It’s unfortunate and a little embarrassing. But lately there have been some news articles drawing attention to the topic so I might as well face facts. You know that wonderful little island in Scotland that I … Continue reading

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Maramureș is a densely forested county in the north of Romania that makes you feel as if you’ve stumbled into a Grimm’s fairy tale.   Something I especially loved about the area was its wooden churches. We drove from one little … Continue reading

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We took a day trip by train to Aveiro, about 40 miles south of Porto. It’s an old town by the sea with lots of street art, cool buildings, and great food. Aveiro is known for a few specific things. Four that I … Continue reading

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