Hải Vân Pass

Our next destination was Hoi An, billed as an old trading port city with a well-preserved historic district. There is a bus from Hue but I read that if we took it we would miss the best of the scenery because the bus takes a tunnel road instead of the mountain pass. Hiring a private car and driver turned out to be a good choice, and not very expensive for the two of us. But because we left so late in the day we only saw Lang Co Beach and Marble Mountain from the road.

We did stop at a fishing village for photos and a nice plate of oysters.

It was a sunny day if a bit hazy. This is the view from the highest point, Hai Van Pass.

At the pass there were a couple of old gates and some bunkers left over from the Vietnam War. A young couple was taking wedding photos. Interesting choice.

We checked into our Airbnb in Hoi An just after dark.


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I am a teacher from Medford, Oregon. I currently live and work in Bangkok, Thailand.
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1 Response to Hải Vân Pass

  1. albertoenriquez1 says:

    It’s their Yorktown or Gettysburg, so worth celebrating?

    “No climbing,” heh-heh-heh!


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