Z tour with Mr. and Mrs. P

This evening we embarked on a long-awaited winter holiday with our friends Kim & Andre P.  We’ve got all kinds of great stuff planned for the next three weeks. Truthfully, most of it was planned by Kim. In our family, I am the one who finds the cheap flights and picks out the hotels and Airbnbs, but beyond that Andreas and I are more the turn-up-and-see-what-happens types. Kim, on the other hand, has years of experience organizing Model UN and Week Without Walls trips for students, and it shows. This will be a slightly different travel experience for us but I must say I am looking forward to our itinerary.

Zambia is our first stop. After a few days in Livingstone we’ll cross the river into Zimbabwe where we’ll stay for a couple of nights, then back to Zambia for a couple more. Then we fly to Zanzibar (our third Z destination) to celebrate Christmas at the beach. Then we split up for a few days, during which Andreas and I will visit a smaller, mostly uninhabited island while Kim and Andre continue to enjoy Zanzibar. Then we meet up again for a couple of days in Stone Town, Zanzibar’s only real town. On New Year’s Eve we all fly to Dar es Salaam in mainland Tanzania. After ringing in 2017 Andreas and I will fly to Israel for the final week of the holiday while Kim and Andre relax and visit some national parks near Kilimanjaro.

And… heeeeere we go!

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About lornaofarabia

I am a teacher from Medford, Oregon. I currently live and work in Bangkok, Thailand.
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