The ancient paths connecting towns and villages of this region are mostly still maintained. We decided to take a walk on one of them to the tiny hill town of Collepino.


It took us a lot longer than an hour and a half. I guess we are slow walkers.

Off we go.


The trail follows a mostly well-preserved Roman aqueduct.

We enjoyed the wildflowers and butterflies along the way.


Stopping to enjoy a view of Spello.

We passed through olive orchards and farms

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Our destination is in sight



When we arrived we were rewarded with fine views

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And a cold drink at the only cafe/bar, whose proprietor is a big fan of punk rock. Why should we be surprised?

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Other than the bartender and three ladies having coffee at the cafe, we didn’t see another living soul in the little village. A quiet place, for sure.

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On the walk home Andreas wouldn’t pose for a picture in his newspaper and rubber band hat.


Ha! Gotcha!







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I am a teacher from Medford, Oregon. I currently live and work in Bangkok, Thailand.
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