Island getaway

My new school takes time off for both Christian and Muslim holidays, creating plenty of opportunity for short trips.  The Eid celebration in the third week of school was our first 5-day weekend this year.

It’s still plenty hot here in Cairo but we thought it would be pleasant to soak up some of the last of Europe’s summer sun in Greece. Andreas had some family and personal business to attend to on Ikaria which gave us a good reason to book a flight to our favorite Greek island. We are also looking to buy a vacation home on the island, and we could do some exploring with that in mind.

For a long time I refused to fly to the island. I am pretty much over that now. Besides, if we took the ferry, by the time we got there it would be almost time to start home.

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We spent a lot of the weekend driving around looking at houses in various villages.

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One village we liked a lot is called Therma. It has radioactive hot springs that have made it a spa destination since ancient times. When Andreas’s friend Georgia was a little girl, her parents ran a guesthouse here for vacationing Greeks. Now she has renovated the building and she invited us to stay in her bright modern flat.

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We looked at Agios Kyrikos, the capital and largest town (3,243 people) on the island. It’s too urban for my taste but it’s a nice place to visit.

As a place to buy a home, my first choice is the charming port town of Evdilos. At just under 3000 people, it’s the second largest community on the island. It feels like a village but has everything you could need.

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We also made our ceremonial visit to Arethousa, where Andreas’s parents were both born and where he still has plenty of cousins.

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We enjoyed plenty of that fresh Ikarian cuisine

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And at long last Andreas finally got all the paperwork for his citizenship card completed. It has been… eight years???

But wouldn’t you know, they needed one more day to print up his residency card, and we had to leave the next morning. I guess it never hurts to have another another reason to go back to the island.

Also, we didn’t find that perfect house. Maybe next time.


Picture us right here.


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  1. Mmmm…. radioactive hot springs…. so good. 😉

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