Shop till you drop

We planned an ambitious holiday break this year. Three weeks, three continents! Dubai (technically Asia) for two days, followed by two weeks in France, and finishing up with a 10-day tour of southern Ethiopia.

Alekka and I booked a room close to the mammoth Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. From this nearby base, we could make multiple forays to the mall for Christmas presents and other stuff to fill the almost-empty suitcases we’d brought.

Alekka’s boyfriend was in town to visit his family, so he and Alekka met up and left me to do some power-shopping on my own.


Synchronizing schedules at Starbucks

I replaced the camera that had been limping along since I took it to the Danekil Depression at spring break; the volcano dust is what did it in, I think.  My new one is a step up so hopefully you’ll be seeing some better photos. I got some electronic items not available in Ethiopia, clothes for myself, a haircut. And Christmas presents, of course. But I spent a lot of time just gawking. Dubai has mastered the mall concept. And considering it’s a Muslim country, they’ve really got Christmas shopping down.

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