College spring break

You know the kind of vacation where you’re more worn out when you get home than when you left? That’s the kind we just had.


A stain on a London sidewalk reminds us of home.

But it was productive. Alekka has a much better idea now of which schools she wants to apply to for international relations/development studies.

Here are the ten candidates, along with the adjectives Alekka is using to describe and remember them.

Oxford: eccentric, ancient, cloistered, pompous

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Durham: cozy, quirky, familial, Hogwarts-esque

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St. Andrews: austere, scholarly, stark, craggy

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Edinburgh: relaxed, diverse, sprawling, collaborative, anonymous

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East Anglia: modern, involved, flexible, progressive

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Cambridge: lofty, youthful, tranquil, intriguing

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London School of Economics (LSE): self-assured, prestigious, focused

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School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) : student-centered, progressive, global, activist

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King’s College: evolving, central, innovative

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Bath: contemporary, calm, livable

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The verdict? She liked every one of them, but it looks like her top choices are SOAS, LSE, and East Anglia. And Cambridge – when applying to colleges you’ve got to have a reach, as well as a safety.  Actually none of these is really a safety. But if nothing works out, there’s always this:



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3 Responses to College spring break

  1. Nancy says:

    You guys sure covered a lot of ground in a week! What an exciting trip! Best of luck to Alekka in her decision! We are in the midst of the college search for our youngest, too. But a bit more local; he wants to stay in California.

  2. Alberto Enriquez says:

    Looks like a lot of wonderful choices! Best pack the long-johns if you’re going to winter in Britain!!

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