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Today we took the long way back from Rum. Most days of the week there is a ferry that goes from one small isle to another, but on summer Saturdays there is a ferry that starts on the mainland and stops at all four of the small isles before returning to the mainland. We embarked at the first island stop, so we got to land at all the others on our way to Mallaig.

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Canna: a tiny island that belonged to the Gaelic folklore scholar John Lorne Campbell until he donated it to the Scottish National Trust in 1981. About 10 people live there now:

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Muck: about 30 people live here, farming the land under the protective eye of the benevolent laird, Lawrence MacEwen:

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Eigg: in 1997, the 65 residents of this island bought out their absentee landlord and the island is now owned by a community trust. Eigg is energy self-sufficient: all power comes from wind, water, and sun:

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Back in Mallaig we got the train heading south.


Recognize this bridge? It’s the one the Hogwarts Express crosses.

Kosta flies back to Wisconsin early tomorrow. We said goodbye to him in Crianlarich where Andreas and I transferred to the train to Oban; Kosta stayed on for Glasgow Queen Street, the end of the line.


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