Borgund stavkirke

Andreas rented a bike today and took it on the train partway to Myrdal, then rode back. He said the views were spectacular, but since he didn’t take a camera I can’t share them with you.

I headed by bus to the village of Borgund, in search of Norway’s best preserved stavkirke.


These wooden churches date from the times when Christianity first came to Norway. This style of medieval church construction was practiced all over Scandinavia at that time – the design is based on a the palisades and ships of the Vikings. The Vikings were the converts building these early churches, and that’s what they knew how to make.  The only remaining examples are the Norwegian ones, of which there are 28. Almost all were built in the 1100s. The one in Borgund, which is said to be the least changed, dates from the late 12th century.

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