This is as far as we go


It’s not as bad as they say

We took the train to Trondheim, a nice town with a far northern feel to it. The main attraction here is Nidaros cathedral.

IMG_5618In 1030 Norway’s exiled king Olaf was killed near Trondheim in a battle to regain the throne. After his death he became a kind of cult figure who was important in unifying the country. For this reason he is Norway’s patron saint, and he is buried somewhere under Nidaros cathedral. Work on the cathedral began in 1070 and finished around 1300, but the church has been damaged and rebuilt many times. The current restoration was completed about ten years ago.

We had planned to continue north after this but it’s windy and cold and very expensive – I think we will reroute the next few days to places where we can enjoy more of the outdoors.

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