Stockholm syndrome

It’s funny, but some of my impressions of places this time are entirely different from what I remember from 30 years ago. Could be that the place has changed, or that I have, or that the circumstances are different. It might just be the weather. Probably all of the above.

Stockholm is a good example. I remember not being impressed at all with this city before, and wasn’t especially looking forward to it this time. Now I see that it is nothing like the gritty and mildly depressing place I thought I remembered.

Stockholm is laid out over fourteen small islands which are linked by pretty bridges or (if you prefer) small ferries that take you from place to place. The islands are like neighborhoods, each with a different feel. Stadsholmen contains the old city, or Gamla stan; Djurgarden is almost all manicured parkland, Sodermalm is where to find bohemian neighborhoods and nightlife. There are beautiful old buildings, interesting museums, picturesque harbors, and green spaces everywhere you look. We had only planned to stay two days but we’ve both fallen under the spell of this place; we’re going to book an extra day.

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I am a teacher from Medford, Oregon. I currently live and work in Bangkok, Thailand.
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