Kaymak is a rich, creamy dairy product that is traditional in Bosnia. It’s classed here as a fresh cheese, but what it most closely resembles is English clotted cream. You can buy it either salted or sweet (meaning unsalted).

slatki kaymak

Slatki is the unsalted kind.

Kaymak famously accompanies cevapcici (ground beef sausage sandwiches; see my earlier post on this important topic) and the dough fritters called uštipci.  With cevapcici, you’ll get the salted kaymak, with uštipci, the sweet.  I have discovered that kaymak is also delicious with an omelette or as a spread for scones (like clotted cream). Actually it is probably delicious with just about anything.

scones and kaymak

Homemade scones with kaymak… yum.

You can buy mass-produced kaymak at the supermarket, but it’s so much better fresh and so widely available that I can’t imagine why anyone would buy it that way.  I get ours at the Gradska Tržnica Markale meat and dairy market hall where the friendly cheese ladies always offer me tastes.

Markale market


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