Mmm.  My favorite Bosnian lunch.  Or breakfast. Or snack. I’m pretty flexible that way.

Burek is a savory filling wrapped up in fillo.  The long rolls are curled around in a spiral and baked.  Fillings can be potato, ground meat, cheese, or (my favorite) spinach and cheese.  It’s a lot like spanakopita, just in a different shape.

The spirals can be small, to form individual burek:

Or the roll can be shaped into a giant spiral and sliced into wedges after baking:

The large burek are sometimes baked like this, in a covered steel pan with hot coals piled on top like a camp-style Dutch oven.

People also make these at home; there was more than one tray of them at a school potluck the other day.  But I’m not going to go to all that trouble when I can buy an excellent one at the corner buregdzinica for about 80 cents.  They open early and keep the burek warm all day.

Next to cevapci, they are probably the most popular street food in Sarajevo.

Meat ones are sometimes served on a plate with yogurt sauce.  I get my spinach one wrapped in a twist of white paper to take home. It won’t have time to get cold.

I recently figured out that I’ve encountered the name before; it’s the boureko in the Greek custard pie dessert called galaktoboureko (gala is Greek for milk).


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